what are the age requirements?

We recommend that anyone attending the show is at least 10 years old.  Each child (and adult) handles events like ours differently.  If you decide to bring in a child under 10, please keep in mind that there are no refunds if they cannot handle the event.

We also ask that any children under the age of 14 have an adult chaperone on site.  Parents who do not want to go through the show can stay in our midway and enjoy the live music (when scheduled) and bonfire.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, groups of 15+ : $3.00 off of your purchase of any ticket redeemable on-site. You must purchase the tickets together (i.e. one sale with all cash or one credit card for the transaction). Groups may also purchase their tickets online.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover cards on-site.  We are compatible with NFC payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc).  Online tickets can be purchased using Visa or Mastercard only.

What is the Fast Pass?

A fast pass allows you to bypass a majority of the general admission waiting line. This is meant for guests who are on a tight schedule, or those who wish to visit multiple haunts in one night. The Fast Pass shortens waiting time at each attraction.  The Fast Pass does not guarantee that you will have NO wait, but the wait will be greatly reduced for Fast Pass holders.


New in 2018, customers who wish to only go through the haunted hayride can purchase a reserved date/time ticket to do so!  Tickets are sold online only and are first come, first serve.  Customers who purchase the ticket will enter the Midway and check in near the Shirt Shack at the time listed on their ticket.  Included in the ticket price is a special priority access line to go to and from the hayride.  You get to skip all other lines!

Is there any food available?

Yes!  We have food offerings on site each night. 

Is alcohol allowed on site?

NO. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the Legends of the Fog property. This includes the parking lots, midway, and lines. Anyone found to be in possession of alcohol will be escorted off property and no refund will be given. Be warned – Legends of the Fog staff reserves the right to ask anyone they believe is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to leave the property.

How long are the lines?

Prime Saturday nights are more popular than other nights during the weekend. Prime Saturday night lines may be 2-3 hours long. If you want to avoid paying full price and waiting in lines, try to come to a discount night (labeled in green). Lines can exceed several hours. To avoid a long wait, please arrive between 6:30 and 7:30.

What time does the box office Close?

The normal box office hours are from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. however the window times vary according to schedule. See hours page for full schedule and times.

Is there enough time to do everything?

Yes, when you arrive, you will be directed to the main line at the Sinister Circus. Once in the door at Sinister Circus, you will be directed through the other haunts (one after another) until your journey is complete.

If I have an online ticket, how late can I come up?

If you purchased your ticket online, you need to arrive prior to the Box Office closing. If you arrive after the Box Office is closed, you will not be admitted into Legends of the Fog – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Why is there a fee for online tickets?

The fee we charge for online tickets covers the cost of maintaining our online ticket system and processing the payments.  We strive to keep this fee as low as we can to keep our tickets affordable and save you time by skipping the box office.

What if I don’t like an attraction, can I skip it?

Yes, you can skip any attraction.  However, you will need to wait in the appropriate line for that attraction and tell the ticket taker that you want to bypass the attraction.  They will direct you to the next event.

Are tickets good for a different night?

GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS - these tickets are valid for any night we are open during the same season (but only 1 entry per ticket).

HAYRIDE RESERVED TICKETS - these tickets must be used on the date and time window that they were purchased for.

Are there refunds?

No. All sales are final.

If the weather is bad, how will we know you are open?

If you are unsure if Legends of the Fog is operating due to weather, check the home page of our web site for an update.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes. The lost and found is located at the Shirt Shack in the midway. Please note – Legends of the Fog is not responsible for any items lost. We highly recommend that visitors keep cell phones in their pockets for the entire night.


If you believe you have lost your cell phone, check in with staff at the Shirt Shack (in the Midway).  Try to provide as much detail about the phone as you can.  Information like where you last remember having the phone, the color of the phone/case, phone model, contact information, etc. can greatly help us to help you.  We will gladly search our attractions and hayride wagons for your phone when it is safe for us to do so.  Please keep in mind that we will not stop any attractions to locate your phone, and you are NOT allowed to re-enter any of the attractions unless escorted by Fog staff.  Historically, we have had great success locating phones at the end of the night, when we are able to turn the lights up.  We will hold on to your phone and contact you if we find it and you are gone.

Is Legends of the Fog wheelchair accessible?

Yes.  We build all of our sets with ramps and wide doors to ensure that wheelchairs are able to move through effectively.  We also have staff available to assist anyone in a wheelchair on to and off of our hayride.  If you believe you may need any assistance, please check in with the box office staff upon arrival.