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Best All-in-One Haunted Attraction in MD, PA, & DC!


Haunted Hayride: Zombie Evacuation

Evacuate from the zombie hordes and other terrors of the night in Maryland’s best haunted hayride. This is no kiddie haunted hayride. If you’re lucky enough to survive this carefully crafted horror experience, you will have memories to rival any halloween attraction. Form bonds with friends and family the way only survivors can. Journey past all new scenes this year under the open October sky. Scream, squirm, hide… just don’t get caught by the fog.

Haunted House: Farewell Hotel

Check-in to the Farewell Hotel, the newest version of our haunted house. This haunted hotel offers much more than a room for the night, transporting every “guest” to a nightmarish dream-scape of horror. Don’t fall asleep… don’t fall asleep… don’t fall asleep. If you do, you most certainly won’t checkout.

Haunted Circus: Sinister Circus

If you came for laughs, you came to the wrong place. Enter this haunted tent and experience many haunted spectacles so strange, so bizarre, so etched into your thoughts, you’ll wish you never braved a peek. When the clowns gather, beware, for they are not the show this night… you are. Make your way out of the haunted circus or be forced to be a permanent part of their traveling side show of horrors.

Haunted Corn Maze: Cornstalkers Maze

Tread quietly through winding maze of corn, careful not to crunch the stalks beneath your feet for fear that “they” will hear you. The Cornstalkers play with their victims, as the corn is their domain, and the night is when they are most active. Make your way through the moonlit rows right, then left… no… right. You will need to use your wits and conquer your fears to make it to the end of this haunted walk.

We are open this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!  More Info