Thank you for your interest in JOINING THE LEGENDS OF THE FOG TEAM!

We are mixing things up a bit for 2019, and invite anyone who has ANY kind of interest in contributing to our success to fill in our form (the BIG button is below).

Before you head over to fill in the form, we ask that you keep a few things in mind....

  • Age – new staff must be at least 15 years old as of September 20, 2019 to participate.

  • We are open every Friday and Saturday in October, plus additional dates.

    • We are flexible with scheduling, and ask that you talk to us about conflicts as early as possible.

    • A full schedule will be determined and published by late August/early September.

  • There are rewards for volunteering.

    • Exact rewards will be detailed during the season.

    • Past rewards have included shirts, sweatshirts, hats, free trips to other haunts, and more.

  • Volunteering at Legends of the Fog is not for everyone

    • This is an outdoor event, so you may be cold and/or get wet.

    • Some nights may go to around or a little after midnight

    • Generally, those who play school sports in the Fall have had difficulty participating with us (scheduling conflicts)

    • We always strive hard to find a role for ANYONE who wants to participate but has a medical condition, allergies, etc.

NOW that we have that out of the way, click the big button below and let us know you're interested!

BY THE WAY, if you're on Facebook, we have a group you can join!  Just click the next big button and you'll zoom right over!