Within seconds of entering Sinister Circus, you find yourself transported into the center ring of a big top show. Fog consumes the enormous room. You are bombarded by performers who invade your personal space with their props and acrobatic movements. You become the show! The music is exactly what you would expect to hear in a circus, but deafening and out-of-tune. All six of your senses are assaulted, and this is just the beginning.

As you meander your way through the circus, you encounter a savage Wild West show, a horrific trapeze accident, the most disgusting donakers (bathrooms) you’ve seen since summer camp, and a cage maze where wild animals stalk you. Every detail is designed to bore its way through your senses and into your psyche so that you become their captive, not just for the circus, but for the bumpy ride that lies ahead.


So, step right up, step right up! Come see the marvelous masterpieces of the macabre, collected from various sideshow stops around the world. There’s no dark thing they haven’t seen, no rotten thing they haven’t tasted, and no horror they haven’t revelled in, all bottled up, caged up, and chained up for your enjoyment. A truly despicable display of dastardly deeds, freaks, scenes and screams, all waiting for your bright smiling faces. The tent is pitched and the clowns are waiting. Just don’t stay too long, or you could be part of the show!

About the Haunted Circus Tent

The haunted circus could be one of the most unique haunted attractions in MD. Once inside the tent, expect your senses to take over as you navigate through the strange a horrifying scenes, expertly horror-crafted to blend reality with nightmares. The attraction and it’s clowns have been spotted all across America, and now the circus is in Aberdeen, MD, so will curiousity get the better of you? Will you be brave enough to experience the dark fantasies of the Sinister Circus?

A single ticket gets you access to the entire Legends of the Fog scream park, including 3 other famous attractions: haunted hayride, haunted hotel/house, and the haunted corn maze walk.