“Best Hayride in Maryland” | The Baltimore Scare Crew


We went to Legends of the Fog in Harford county MD this past Friday night. It was a biiiig surprise. This is only the 2nd season running. The owner Patrick was nice enough to meet with us and tell us a bit about the farm, and the ideas that were created by himself and a few others. Also gave us a little incite into future projects.

The first attraction we did was the hayride. There were atleast 75 people involved in this. Probably more who could keep count. It was completely insane. There were some GREAT scenes that we didn’t expect to see. There were a few that stood out to us, 1 was a school scene that had some of the creepiest kids weve ever seen! They were kids dressed up like Jason, they were kids, playing kids in a very eerie school yard. COMPLETE WITH A PLAYGROUND! Tim and Quazi both remarked about the singing children. Another good scene was what personally scared me, the GRAVE YARD! OMG. This girl crawls out of the grave and moves in a way that is horror film like! It was scary I about jumped into some strangers lap…Ok I DID jump into a strangers lap lol. It was nuts this grave yard scene had actors every where. Another scene is in a junk yard. It is very well laid out and had a ton of props. The guys are still upset about the trans am lol. There is a very terrifying experience in a barn type area, with some of the scariest masked characters we’ve ever seen. The most disgusting scene comes out of no where and will not disappoint you! It is sick and scary all at once! Its towards the end. I cant go into detail but its a reallyyyy realistic scene!

Next we did the haunted maze, the haunted maze had a few scares but was more of a good time then scary. There is a giant board that could just about kill you if you do not run, and a few props that you do not expect to move but guess what, they do! The haunted maze has some great opportunites for improvement but none the less it was still fun.

There is also a regular not haunted corn maze that we went through, there are a lot of ways to get your self lost here, of course it didnt help when half of the group would run ahead and then hide in the corn to scare the rest of us! We had a lot of fun getting lost in there.

Legends of the Fog isnt just these 3 attractions. They have also created a family friendly atmosphere. There was a band playing on a stage, and a magician to entertain you while in line for the hayride. If I do not mention how great the pit beef was someone may slap me lol so yes the food was great too!

Over all we gave it an 8.5. The hayride no doubt was a 10 itself. Factoring in all attractions,scares, lines, staff, fun, food, and atmosphere we think an 8.5 fits. Members of our group that were not aware this was the haunts 2nd year were very impressed. We expect great things from this place in the next few years! By far the BEST hayride in Maryland! Thanks Patrick and Robyn and everyone at LOTF for devoting your time, efforts and energy into making this a great time for us! See you soon!

This article was originally published on the Baltimore Scare Crews Website on October 17, 2008
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