Nestled beside the corn stalks and enchanting forest looms the best kept secret in lodging. Come in, come in, let us get you a room at the Farewell Hotel. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your stay, we assure you. Make your way through the lobby and be greeted by our five star staff of screams. Let the bellhop carry your things, but beware. He might walk off with more than just your luggage. Find your way through the dark corridors and passageways and tour many rooms of horror. We hope yours will be to your liking. The beds are firm and supportive, the TVs have 666 channels of relaxing static, and the bathrooms have most of the blood cleaned off from our previous guests. It’s a 5 star experience with 5 star frights, so be prepared to say farewell to your sanity when visiting this haunted hotel.


About the Haunted House

Haunted houses, like our haunted hotel, offer some of the best scares and most intense moments during your trip to our scare park. Since it’s inside, we have optimal control over the lighting and line of sight of our guests, allowing us to get extra creative with our scenes. Since it’s completely inside, it works great for those October nights when the weather isn’t perfect. Be prepared to wander in small groups, walking down dark tight corridors. Enjoy the twists and turns, and the numerous surprises we have planned for you in one of the best haunted houses in MD. Buy your ticket and get access to the haunted hotel as well as our 3 other fantastic haunted attractions!