Our hayride continues to have what has made it so popular in the Maryland/DC/Pennsylvania region - big scares, crazy twists, and larger than life action.  You and your group have one goal after escaping Cornstalkers... to make it home alive.  You grab a ride from a local to get out of town as fast as possible.  You discover, though, that the further away from town, the closer it seems you are to trouble.  How will this ride end?  Will you make it out alive, with all of your friends?

LOTF 2012-2.jpg

Walkers, the undead, Zs, zombies… whatever you call them… they’re coming, and it’s no longer safe. Stick together and jump on the next escape shuttle if you hope to survive. Maryland’s best haunted attraction returns with it’s renowned haunted hayride.

Ride through all new scenes of horror for 2018! It’s a frightening joyride that’s been re-imagined to be terrifying enough for a thrill, and fun enough for friends and family. You are destined for great memories as a band of survivors making their way through a zombie infested junkyard, haunted forest, and fields of creepy corn. It starts as a seemingly innocent ride through the crisp October air but quickly spirals into a frantic bid to escape nightmarish creatures and surreal scenes of horror.

Stay together… keep moving… keep your limbs close… This is the mantra of those that hope to survive.


About the Haunted Hayride

There’s no better way to experience the fall season than with a Halloween hayride. Haunted hayrides are the most popular Halloween attractions because they allow large groups to experience the thrills together. Our other haunted attractions are extremely popular, but the hayride is a crowd favorite. It’s a unique experience, unlike any other haunts in MD, DC, or PA. The reason it’s the best haunted hayride in the area is that each scene was carefully crafted, some evolving over the span of 10 years. The actors are strategically placed for the best effect. The ride itself offers slightly larger distance from the scares and a greater sense of protection, which makes the ride much more accessible to almost anyone. The haunted hayride is unique in that it is an outdoor experience that doesn’t require one to physically walk through the attraction. Just sit back and enjoy the show. This is a scary event, and the actors will get close, but those looking for as much fun as they’re looking for fear will love the hayride. We have many different haunted attractions because we love to make haunted attractions, but also because we recognize that each one can provide a very different experience. Our haunted hotel, haunted circus, and haunted corn maze are incredibly fun, too, and some of the scariest in the tri-state area. The good news is that 1 ticket gets you into all 4 events, so don’t compromise! Come to the all-in-one haunted attraction for your night of fright this Fall season and see why we are the best of the haunted hayrides in Maryland!