LEGENDS OF THE FOG believes in supporting our community that has supported us.  We offer a fantastic fundraising opportunity for any group to easily earn money by simply selling tickets to our great show.

Have you been looking for an easy fundraiser for your school, your sports team, your troop, your non-profit, or other group?

Did you know thousands of people from all over Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware already attend LEGENDS OF THE FOG every year?

Why not earn money for your group while they're at it!  Last year, one of our top groups earned over $1,000 in fundraising money from us.

What do we need to do?

We provide you with a unique promo code for online tickets.  Every online ticket purchased with this code earns you between $3 and $5 per ticket.  You don't have to chase down order forms, sort mail, or have the hassle of money. Just click, email, share, and print out flyers (which we create for you!)

How do I get involved?

Fill in the contact form below.  Sarah will reach out to you and set you up!

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